About Us

John Rivers


John Rivers leads the Berkshire Family and Parenting consultancy

John trained as a Nursery Nurse in 1994 working in Social Care settings and Family Centres where he developed an interest in systemic family therapy and family counselling. From 2002 to 2009 he worked for Berkshire’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Teams as a Parenting Practitioner. He went on to deliver parenting support in the community, managing a Parenting Support team for West Berkshire council. During this period John also gained some further early years’ experience managing a Children’s Centre.

As well as other courses and qualifications John gained a Master’s Degree in Therapeutic Child Care In 2005. John has considerable experience in delivering all of the Webster-Stratton Incredible Years programmes as well as the Supporting Parents of Teenagers programme (STOP) and Families Learning About Self Harm programme (FLASH).

John is also the regional lead for development and training in the STOP and FLASH programmes

Over the past 20 years John has run over 150 parenting groups and has supported many hundreds of parents and families but still does not like being compared to Super Nanny.


Our Aims:

The aim of bfpc is to work with parents, professionals and organisations developing creative, evidence-based solutions to the challenges faced by families in society today. 

The target is to provide an integrated approach to supporting families and individuals through the provision of information, support, guidance, group programmes, supported signposting across Berkshire and the neighbouring counties. bpfc is committed to and believes in positive parenting interventions, particularly during children’s early years and adolescence. These are key points at which such interventions may avoid or reduce the need for expensive and long-term interventions in later life.

Our Objectives:

  • Ensure that the voice of parents and carers underpins everything we do.
  • Share our knowledge and expertise with parents and professionals to foster 
positive parenting practice through the provision of training, supervision and access 
to materials.
  • Offer targeted and specialist support to parents.
  • Maintain fidelity to evidence based programmes through supervision and coaching.
  • Promote high standards of safe and effective parenting practice amongst
  • Assist other organisations in the development of appropriate evidence-based
 programmes of support.