The Berkshire family and parenting consultancy

Promoting positive relationships in families, supporting parents to support their children.

Bfpc’s primary aim is to support parents when things begin to feel difficult or overwhelming. We understand being a parent is one of the most important roles any person can undertake and that most parents are doing a good job. All parents can feel they are just not getting it right at times and some children are just trickier to parent than others. Asking for help or advice with parenting, or just confirming you are doing the right thing when things begin to feel difficult does not make someone a bad parent, in fact quite the opposite.

bfpc promotes the use of evidenced based practice to offer the best advice, guidance and support available to families and individuals through the provision of information, support, guidance, group programmes, individual programmes and supported signposting.

bpfc aims to raise self-esteem, confidence, emotional resilience and mental well-being amongst parents and children and to promote social integration.